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Welcome to the Pond!

OK, so I have what you might call an obsession with the pond I dug in the backyard of my Oak Park coach house: is that wrong? So in a typically self-indulgent way, I'm dedicating a smallish chunk of the worldwide web to the general glorification of the pond, its inhabitants, and my own, um, quirky and eclectic interests.
On the following pages, you'll be able to see pictures of my pond from its initial dig through today, as well as some other stuff I happen to find interesting at the moment. Lucky you.

What's New!


EVEN NEWER! ...Well, this is the first new post in, um, about a year. AND THE BIG NEWS IS  I won the New Yorker's caption contest for the September 19th issue. In case you're unaware, this makes me a Generally Superior Person and entitles me to get all attitudey for a while (and this is different from usual how? a cynical world asks). To see the winning entry, click here. To see a thoughtful and insightful interview on the subject of My Glorious Victory, click here. And to see a silly homage to myself (oh yes, I plan to milk this for all it's worth!), click on the thumbnail at the start of this paragraph.
NEW! THIS JUST IN...I've Moved! So the pond stays where it is, and I bid a fond farewell to the fish. But click the new CHICAGO page for more about the Big Event, what it means for this site, and what the future holds for us all....
Pictures of the pond in early Spring and Lake Tahoe in Natural Travels II 
Photos of the Pond in Winter (January 2003) in Pond Pictures III, plus new pictures of dolphins and pelicans and beaches (oh my) in Natural Travels II. The world rejoices.
06/20/02 - NEW photos of the refulgent, verdant pond in Summer, plus new travel pictures from New Mexico! "Whee!" cries a tired nation. Also, an artsy picture of a Special Friend...
04/15/02 - NEW photo of the pond at the beginning of Spring! Also, my Meyers-Briggs Personality Type (I'm a Scorpio too, if you care about that sort of thing...)

02/02/02 - Pond pictures, including a Grisly Murder!, vacation pictures, and a new picture of the cats. Just what you always wanted.

Yes I am, as a matter of fact...

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I've Moved!

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