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Around the Pond...
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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Pictures of my vacation trip to Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan ... From August 7 through August 12, I enjoyed a delightful vacation visiting various places in and around Saugatuck, in southwestern Michigan, along the Lake Michigan shorline. Scroll down to see what I did and who I did it with -- some of the pictures link to bigger views or related websites, and others are just fine the way they are.

Visit Saugatuck!
The Dunes Resort, in Douglas/Saugatuck, Michigan

Hilltop Golf Center
Minigolf: The Sport of Champions

The Festival
Durrell enjoying the National Blueberry Festival in SouthHaven (I prefer funnelcake)

Old Allegan Canoe Rental & Livery
Me, preparing to embark on a nautical adventure

Old Allegan Canoe Rental & Livery
Durrell preparing to set out upon the waters

Me, rowing on the Kalamazoo River
Me, rowing on the Kalamazoo River

The Kalamazoo River
The scenic Kalamazoo (A Class I river, if you care, virtually untouched since the Chippewa's time)

A turtle's-eye view of the river and our canoe

Durrell in a boat

click for bigger steps
282 wooden steps to the top of the dunes: the view from below

LIVE skycam view of Saugatuck from dune!
The dunes

An adorable picture of Durrell on the dunes

Sunset 1
Sunset over Lake Michigan

Another Sunset
another sunset