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Around the Pond...
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(Gay Stuff)

Links of a Queer Nature, regarding political, commercial and other Topics that may be of interest to Homosexual Gentlemen.


News, reviews, and other interesting things of a current-eventsy kind.

News and cultural stuff, but primarily of interest for the wide variety of topical and regional chatrooms available

Planet Out News & Personals

A wonderful source of Personals Ads, and where I met my very own Particular Gentleman

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign tirelessly fights for what is good and true and fine and beautiful. Visit them. Sign their petitions. Send their letters to your representatives. Give them money. Buy their stuff. Be Free.

e-cards from

Free E-Cards to send to your Friends and Beloveds (also other stuff to buy)

More e-cards from Bgay

More free E-cards!

Gay Games 2006

The 2006 Gay Games in Chicago! It's never too early to start planning....

Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

The Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Gentry Cabaret

Gentry Cabaret, in Chicago's Boys Town, is my most favoritest bar