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Around the Pond...
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Natural Travels Photo Album I

I like travelling, particularly to woodsy, rocky, wettish places, and I like taking pictures of the various things I see. I also like inflicting my pictures on others.


A path along Kootenai Creek in the Bitterroot National Forest, near Missoula MT.

Near Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2000

Above and below, some of the geological and climate diversity around Salt Lake City, Utah. Both pictures were taken on the same day, within about four hours' driving time.

near Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 2000

San Diego Sunset, February 2001

Sunset off Point Loma, near San Diego, California, sometime around Valentine's Day 2001.

National Bison Range, Flathead Indian Res., near Missoula, Montana, Sept. 2000

The Mission Range of the Rockies, near Missoula, Montana, September 2000.

Natural Travels Photo Album II