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Around the Pond...
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Pond Photo Album II

More pictures of the pond, because you can never have too many.

The pond in June, 2002

The backyard foliage is a bit...enthusiastic


The waterfall.

The pond and yard covered in snow

Above, the pond in January 2002, after the first major snowfall.

algae bloom in winter

Notice the distinctly green color of the ice: temperatures just before the snow were in the mid-60's, and so there was a minor algae bloom, followed by a freeze. The result: strikingly green ice!

Fiona enjoys the pond in the winter, because she can venture out on the ice to have a drink from the waterfall.

cat standing on ice

The pond in spring 2002

Signs of spring at last! April 2002.

headless fish

In January 2002, unusually warm temperatures proved fatal for one of my first-generation fantails, who sluggishly ventured too close to the surface and was attacked by some unknown rapacious fiend, who took off the poor fish's head and left the bruatally savaged corpse on the rocks. Of course, the fish was over three years old, and possibly just died, floated to the surface, and was nibbled on by a passing cat.